Adapte Fleece



Adapte Fleece

ADAPTE Tech® filament developed by Multi-Colory delivers excellent performance and aesthetics in the applications requiring low to moderate level in stretch.


In each ADAPE Tech® filament, a multi-component yarn where different polymers are joined together within each filament. When it is exposed under heat, each polymer shrinks to a distinct degree, producing a smooth helical crimp.


Since the crimp is not induced by mechanical method, ADAPE Tech® filament provides greater, more durable stretch and recovery, also a softer, smoother hand than regular textured yarns that are used for stretch. This unique structure of ADAPE Tech® filament even provides the extra benefit of good moisture management to help wearers feel cool, comfortable and dry.

Durable Stretch

Excellent Recovery

Good Moisture Management

Low Growth and Shrinkage

Resistance to Chemicals

Snagging Resistant



Thermal Function

Heather Effect *


*Depend on the composition of the yarn.